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News 239 : Maligayang Pagdating ! - 2018 TITP technical interns from Philippines

On April 18, 4 young guys from Philippines begun working at Kyokuyo. They are interns under the Government's Technical Intern Training Program (TITP), who had completed their orientation courses - including lectures about Japanese language, business manner, traffic rules etc. - after their arrival in Japan last March.

Kyokuyo Shipyard - 2018 TITP technical interns from Philippines

Front row, from left to right : Adones, Jeremy, Roderick and England

As the company started to accept TITP interns from Philippines in 2016, the new comers are the 3rd generation. Until last year, the TITP was for 3 years only. The regulations were however changed last November to allow new trainees to extend their stay in Japan for further 2 years, if they get necessary technical and language qualifications in time.

At the brief entrance ceremony, each new trainee spoke out his future plan. It seems the change in regulation made a positive impact on the trainees' motivation.

Lanit Adones Monongbao, or 'Adones', 23 years old, says : "My plan is to develop my skill level during my stay and to open, after my return in Philippines, a welding shop that can make customers happy. I like playing basketball and watching movies. I'd like to travel in Japan, too."

Navarro Jeremy Cuba, 'Jeremy', 23 years old says : "After improving my skills in Japan, I'd like to study in a university in Philippines and to start my own business eventually. I'm into dancing and computer games. I'm very good at getting along with people !"

Malacad Roderick Galamgam, 'Roderick', 26 : "I have worked as painter for 1 year. I want to improve my skill in Japan so that I can start a painting business in Philippines. I like playing pool and basketball. My strong point is being hard worker and tough, mentally and physically. I'd like to make many friends here !"

Partosa England Dan, 'England', 25 : "My aim here is to improve my painting skills. After going back home, I plan to start my own business and become a teacher for painting skills. I love cooking, so why not try Japanese cooking ? My strength lies in being a challenger."

The company's president Katsuhiko Ochi then welcomed all of them with warm encouragement, and their eyes shone with anticipation. It was a heartwarming ceremony, which made us happy.

Welcome Adones, Jeremy, Roderick and England, we wish you safe training here and all the best for your future ! [2018/05/11]

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- 2018 TITP technical interns from Philippines

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