NEWS008:Congratulations to our squad!
Yes, it's the World Cup!! All of you (except those lucky people with golden tickets) are haunted by TV, aren't you? And here in Japan, the co-host country, is sorrounded by an unusual air of excitement and enthusiasm.

In order to witness our squad's first ever win, I desperately tried to get a ticket, but in vain... so, for the game of Sunday, June 9, against Russia, I reserved a big hall at a Karaoke bar where gathered ad hoc soccer freaks (in other words, poor guys with no other appointment on sunny sunday).

And the result! Yes! our squad has made a history, with an ex-cel-lent victory against Russia! I think our team well deserves the win, as they looked trully full of spirit. Their daring, yet thoughtfull risk-challenges were really lovely.

By the way, (attention! I'm now talking about business,) we had a good relationship with many organizations under Soviet Union : we built several ships for them and received a lot of repair works from them. And this time, let us say that I am no less happy than when we received those newbuilding orders!

Let me remind, our next game is scheduled on June 14. With a win, draw, or even lose by 1 goal margin, Japan will advance to the second round. We, ad hoc supporters at Kyokuyo, are ready to repeat the June 9 victory in our best form!!

Ah, What?
It's Friday, you said?
And are you saying that kick-off is for 15:30, not 20:30 ?

I'm sorry, I can't understand what you mean. What I can say, is that daring, yet thoughtfull risk-challenges are lovely. Do you agree or not?

(S. Yamada, #2 webmaster)

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