NEWS009:Additional order for a sister ship
"PETRO COMBO" will have a sister !

Yes, we have just received an additional order from PETROSHIPS group for another 16,500tdw product carrier (see also NEWS002).

The contract was signed at PETROSHIPS headquarter, in Singapore, on April 18. Just like the last case, Mr. Chan, Chairman, Mr. Teo, Director and Mr. Kee, Managing Director attended the signing ceremony while we sent our managing directors, Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Ochi, to represent us. Not to mention our "god of marriage" Mr. Hasebe, president of KOMAYA SHIPPING who also joined us to witness the contract execution.

After a nice dinner party on the preceding day, where Mr. Chan disclosed a lot of amusing and interesting episodes during his recent stay in Europe and America for more than a month, we exchanged the signed documents at 10:30, in the continued totally amicable atmosphere.

And, yes, you are probably wondering about the ship's name, aren't you? Just on the same day, Mr. Chan declared it to be "PETRO VARIO", faithfull to the company's tradition. "VARIO" is inspired by Spanish word "vario", explained the chairman, who was imaging "various cargoes" as well as "variety of staff" working together in his company, when he chose the word.

For Kyokuyo, probably, this new order does not mean a simple addition to our building list, because it may further encourage our shift in product line with the world's economic recovery still under uncertainty. We heartily thank PETROSHIP to give us a good opportunity by placing this 16,500tdw order, one of the biggest in their fleet.

In May, as the first building blocks for "PETRO COMBO" were completed, a superintendent came to stay in our shipyard. Slowly but steadily, we are focusing our energy on building of our first middle-sized-high-spec product tanker since more than a decade. We will do our best, so that we can have a happy moment in guessing the next one's name. [2002/07/01]

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