NEWS014: Reorganization in Construction Div. Announced !
As of October 1, 2002, an organizational change of our Constructions Division was announced. This first structural reform officially revealed by our new management marks our first step to shift from the conservative organization to a modern, more efficiency-oriented one.

Formerly, Constructions Division of Kyokuyo Shipyard was divided into 3 departments. From now on, two of the three, Ship Repairing Dept.(SRD) and Shipbuilding Dept.(SBD) are merged into newly created Production Dept.(PD). And naturally, all the sections under former SRD (i.e. painting, machinery, and electricity sections) also join the respective sections under PD.

It is not a simple streamlining of the overlapping structures because changing this way, the new PD can precisely monitor, forecast, and react to corporate-wide workforce demands in a more direct manner. We believe that this decision will improve the efficiency of our related services with a definitely better resource management. The management further expects this reorganization will enable Kyokuyo to perform correct management of building processes, as well as to challenge large-scale repair/conversion projects even easier. And, as I said, it is only the first step. We are told that lots are to come. Kyokuyo keeps changing in order to provide better products and better services to you !

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