NEWS020: 2 deliveries in 3 days!

We started the year 2003 with a busy month, giving birth to 2 new building ships only at 2 days interval !

On January 27, m.t. "PETRO COMBO", a 16,500 tonner, was delivered to Singapore-based Petroship Group. Mr. & Mrs. A. Chan, chairman, and Mr. A. Teo, director had flown from Singapore to rejoin us and Mr. Hasebe, from Seiho Kaiun K.K., for celebration ceremony that took place at Shimonoseki, as you guessed.

This particular ship, usually classified as product carrier based on her intended cargoes, actually has every right to be called a coated chemical tanker if you look into specification details : all of her cargo tanks are fitted with dedicated cargo pumps and you can simultaneously run more pumps than on an average "chemical tanker", to give you a few examples.

In the course of lunch party at a restaurant that offered a spectacular view over Kanmon Channel, the star of the day - PETRO COMBO - made an impressive apparition into our eyesight, slowly heading west. It was really an amazing moment, and sound of the ship's horn blowing made that scene even more unforgettable.

2 days later, it was the turn of m.v. "KUROHIME MARU", cement carrier of 7,000tdw. With attendance of guests from the owner, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hasebe, President, and Mr. and Mrs. M. Hasebe, Chairman, and Mr. Higaki and his daughter, as well as Mr. A. Teo from Petroship joining us as friend, the religious ceremony was held at the vessel's bridge, in Shinto rites.

As a modern cement carrier built in the 21st century, this Japanese-flag ship is equipped with bow and stern thrusters that ensure safe and sure maneuvering, especially in a narrow waterway. Also, her cargo discharging system is a special "lift tank" pneumatic type, developed exclusively by Denka Engineering Co., Ltd..

After the ceremony, the vessel sailed out of our yard with all the guests remaining onboard - for owner's trial, and for celebration party as well ! We spent some happy time, once again, in the mess room of the new building ship just cruising, with a sense of accomplishment.

So, we had a busy, but certainly productive month. Good start, isn't it ? ['03/03/01]

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