NEWS021: introducing our purchase dept.

In this issue, we feature our purchasing department (PD).

As its name implies, the primary role of PD is to buy all the equipment, materials and supplies necessary to manufacture our vessels. Sounds easy? Absolutely not, because demands from other departments are contradictory by nature : PD always has to take into account quality and handling ease on one hand, and cost-effectiveness on the other hand.

Selecting appropriate products and suppliers, ordering, controlling delivery schedules, taking deliveries, warehousing, storing and retrieving, inputting and analyzing the data, formulating short/long term purchase programs, managing supply chains ... We are sure you will find nothing spectacular in PD's tasks, but PD does probably assume key role in Kyokuyo Shipyard.

Here is our working calendar for "Golden Week" 2003.
Except holidays marked in RED, we work as normal.

Our PD has made various challenges, seeking better results. Introduction of "on-time delivery system" is a good example. They also pursue efforts to boost percentage of direct deals with non-Japanese (and non-Japanese-speaking) manufacturers, including Wartsila, without any intermediary. Furthermore, the number of staff was reduced to no more than 6, as from April, 2003.

Increasing demand for various new skills, reduced staff, and unchanged responsibilities have made PD's job harder than ever. But the team seems to know how to face the challenge. According to a PD member, it is more difficult to leave his work at the office, than to carry out his job. "One of our main concerns", he added, "is that we tend to spend much money for hobbies to change our pace."

Here are principal members of PD :

General Manager and storehouse of information. He looks to behave so naturally at desk (what does it mean?). Enjoys various hobbies. Claims to have sophisticated taste (in spite of his appearance), because he never sings Japanese "enka" songs at Karaoke bar.

Equipment-Fitting-Engineer-turned-Assistant Manager. Cheerful, and good-hearted (so good-hearted that he does not care to be called weird). Crying regularly : "Negotiations were not hard enough last year! Come on!". He sings nothing but such Japanese enka songs as only aged men like to listen to.

We hope you understand them better now! ['03/04/25]

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