Container Carrier - new building
Container carrier - new building
NEWS023: Kyokuyo's english training program
People working in shipbuilding company

In NEWS 003 (Released in January, 2002), Mr. Ochi, our managing director pointed out that Kyokuyo's advantages over our competitors are :
  • being well equipped to conduct international transactions,
  • having outstanding design abilities, and
  • holding high building standard and working accuracy.

As you can see, all of the 3 points are deeply related to the language abilities.

In fact, contrary to local standard here, most of our section leaders can manage English and their good international communication skills ensure direct contact with our valuable customers across the globe.

To boost our strengths, we started last year our learning support program especially for our younger staffs. All those who are willing to upgrade English abilities and can get approval from their section leader are eligible to apply, and the company share the cost for their taking part in English training course.

We started with 7 learners last year. For this semester starting April 2003, 6 persons newly joined the program. They have come from different departments in Kyokuyo : Sales, Design and Manufacturing, and we hope each of them can further improve his/her level of services based on an excellent communication skill in English built through the program. We are quite satisfied so far, not because their achievement is adorable, but mainly because all of them look quite eager and motivated to learn.

Although it may be a small first step for them, we just expect them to positively carry on upgrading their skill, so that, in the near future, they weill be able to use it in many and various occasions : in day-to-day and business talks with overseas customers like you, or to explain his/her fresh and innovative ideas directly to your technical staffs. Our management further expects to see a ship they fixed, designed, or manufacutured, fully using their language skill, will sail the seven seas some day in the not remote future.

Look forward to what will happen ! [2003.06.25]
(photos above/below represent face of Kyokuyo staffs - but not necessarily that of the program beneficiaries. :-))

Shipbuilder personnels

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