shipbuilding yard
shipbuilding yard
NEWS025: ultra low temperature reefer was delivered
banquet for newbuilding ceremony
On June 18, the naming and delivery ceremony was held for a 180,000cft type reefer vessel, aka "TUNA QUEEN", latest fruit of our state-of-the-art ultra low temperature technologies. In spite of rather... stormy weather due to an approaching typhoon, more than 50 guests came to the dockyard to celebrate her birth. Yes, we had indeed more than 50 guests, including Mr. H. Seno and Mr. M. Seno, from the shipowner Yamane Sangyo Co., Ltd., and so many VIPs from foreign suppliers, fish wholesalers, and trading house. That made us fully realize the highest expectations for our new baby.

newbuilding refrigerated cargo vessel
The ceremony took place on board in the rain, and the reefer was then officially given the name of "TUNA QUEEN", which had been chosen among more than 20 candidates. After that we proceeded to a hotel for a banquet and to see her off, as we had duly booked a room that offered a panoramic view over Kanmon Channel.

It was right at the moment of Kagamiwari, or cask-cracking ceremony, that the vessel came into sight. In a scene that was rather somber because of the typhoon, her white body looked so elegant, even sublime to our eyes, just like a queen. Our Senior Managing Director, Mr. Ochi, who had attended so many newbuilding ceremonies, admitted later that he felt in that instant as if she had come from a different world !

We hope the ultra-low-temperature refrigerated cargo vessel "TUNA QUEEN" will reign over the Seven Seas as well as the frozen cargo industries !
If you don't know what "Kagamiwari" is, click here!
a scene in newbuilding naming and delivery ceremony

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