NEWS026 : Fire Drill !

Preventing fires is always top priority of manufacturers, and shipbuilders are not the exception. Because they are just like a savage beast always watching for a chance to attack, we have to be on guard all the time.

Fire Drill in Shipyard

On June 30, 2003, we conducted a fire drill with full support by Shimonoseki-East Fire Station in order to optimize the staff's emergency response through simulation. It was a good timing, as annual Fire Safety Week started from July 1.

"A fire has occurred in No.3 hold of the newbuilding ship berthing at Quay No.3, and 3 persons are injured while fighting the fire" - such was the specific scenario for the drill. To support our staff in deepening or expanding its knowledge of fire-fighting and rescue techniques, the fire station sent 3 fire engines (including chemical one) and 12 firefighters to the shipyard while 80 Kyokuyo workers participated the drill.

Fire Drill in Shipyard 2

The drill itself was done in 30 minutes, punctually following a detailed and well planned schedule under the dignified direction of the deputy fire chief. It was a short time, but really a productive time.

When the programs were completed, the deputy fire chief commented that we were efficient enough in each task. He however did not forget to add that efficient or not, we should never drop our guard because ship fires could lead to a terrible disaster. His words brought us a renewed awareness of our huge responsibility as shipbuilder.

With renewed determination, we will keep paying our utmost efforts to prevent fires and accidents - for us, for people living nearby, for our valuable customers, and for all the beings on the planet.

We will be closed from December 30, 2003 to January 4, 2004 for the new year. We wish all of you a happy new year !

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