maiden voyage
sea trial of a new building ship
NEWS028:sea trial of cargo vessel

On October 16 and 17, 2003, we carried out the sea trial of m.v. "Arklow Wave", 13,650tdw type multi-purpose cargo vessel ordered by Arklow Shipping from Ireland.

When we arrived at port of Kudamatsu in the morning, the vessel, painted in vibrant Irish green, calmly waiting for her maiden voyage to the Iyo-nada strait. Various trials were expected to be conducted there, to verify her compliance with her specifications, international regulations and Industrial standards of Europe.

A large crew of about 50 men, including engineers and professionals from the owner, shipyard, and parts manufacturers, and.. Mr. Tyrrell, Arklow Shipping CEO, had a quick breakfast onboard, and wasted no time to disperse to their assigned positions. Yes, it was the start of a series of rigorous tests that need 2 days !

new building vessel - onboard tests
picture slide show

Fortunately, we were blessed with prosperous weather throughout the test period. The sky was clear, and the sea was calm - but who knew things were so busy onboard, just like a storm ! From 6 until 9, we had to be running, in our race against time, to complete all of the 25 scheduled tests. People who were looking us from the shore could never imagine the tense atmosphere onboard an elegant ship cruising the blue sea !

Okay, just take a look at pictures, which are worth thousands words.

Anyway, the trial was successfully completed as per schedule, and our Arklow Wave returned to the shipyard berth. She was expected to go through further exhaustive tests and fine tuning so that the shipowner could receive the best ship in mid-november. [2004/1/20]

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