cargo carrier - maiden voyage
cargo vessel - maiden voyage
S448 delivered!

Delivery ceremony of cargo vessel
delivery - cargo ship - photo
Our first big event in 2004 was the delivery ceremony for m.v. Arklow Wind, the second cargo vessel ordered by Arklow Shipping of Ireland.

With snowy storm gone, we had a crisp windless day on January 15. The attendance includes superintendent Mr. and Mrs. Shirley, the captain and chief engineer of the ship, our CEO Mr. Okamoto, Mr. Ochi and Mr. Mitsui. It was indeed a relaxed ceremony.

We remember well the look of relief and satisfaction on the face of Mr. and Mrs. Shirley, who could now return home after their first (and very long) stay in Japan. Congratulations on the great job, and we thank you for your cooperative spirit and efforts !

On the evening before their departure day, our staff was invited by Mrs. Avril Shirley for dinner and enjoyed handmade Irish traditional dishes including "bacon and cabbage". We are so grateful for their warm hospitality extended to us until the last day of their stay!

To return, as soon as the ceremony was finished, "Arklow Wind" smoothly glided on the water, under bright blue sky, heading her home port in Ireland. We wish the very best of luck to her, her crew and all involved in her operation.

As from April 1, 2004, all of our e-mail addresses changed from "**" to "**". Sorry for any inconvenience.

Attention ! Local holiday weeks are coming close. Our office and factories will be closed on the days marked in red.

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