Cherry blossom in Shimonoseki
Cherry blossom in Shimonoseki

Spring has come!

For Japanese society, the month of April has special meaning, because a school year and a standard account year start together with this month. Yes, it is the season for freshmen and freshwomen !

At Kyokuyo, too, we just welcomed 6 new graduates to join us. All the 6 brilliant rookies successfully completed their basic induction courses and are actually given on-the-job training. Starting from this year, a new course organized by our design people, titled "drawing reading", is also added to the education program.

We hope their potential will blossom out as early as possible after their training time.

freshmen in a ship building company

By the way, here in Japan, the word of "April" also conjures the image of cherry trees in full blossom and "hanami" (=flower watching) party, which is usually held in this season under such trees.

This party, once an indication of tasteful elegance of the habitants of Japanese archipelago, has now turned into rather wild, alcoholic party, with lots of beers, spirits, BBQ's, karaoke, tree climbing and pond diving... But anyway, this is our seasonal tradition since hundreds of years.

The photos below are taken at Hiyoriyama Park, popular place in Shimonoseki for "hanami" party. The place is also famous for its bronze statue of Shinsaku Takasugi (samurai and local hero who contributed to the Meiji Restoration of 1867). Standing there, we are just wondering what view he has.

Shinsaku takasugi standing among cherry trees

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