Kyokuyo Open at Shimonoseki Golden Golf Club
Kyokuyo Open at Shimonoseki Golden Golf Club

Yes! it's the 44th Kyokuyo Open
Kyokuyo Supporters and staff
Now that an exceptionally long typhoon season 2004 has finally gone, with a new record number of typhoon landfalls, we have legitimate right to do something for recreation under this clear autumn sky ! Yes, it's the season of "Kyokuyo Open" (do you remember our news015?) the golf competition we hold annually to celebrate the anniversary of Kyokuyo's foundation !

This year, a total of 94 players got together to participate the classic game, started in 1983 to promote friendship and collaborationship between us and our supporters. We hear many people try to shape up specially for this competition, to win the prestigious and luxurious prizes !

This year's course, Shimonoseki Golden Golf Club, was designed by... Jack Nicklaus! No.9 and No.18 has one large green with bent grass. Most of fairways are bumpy throughout, just like potato chips. Some greens welcome us with bunkers in them. In brief, it's a quite difficult course, again. 4 putts, 5 putts... I was just wondering how many players would leave the site, disappointed, and between tears...

But my expectation had proved unfounded, and prize-giving ceremony was full of cheers, applause and laughs. In fact, the results were excellent this year. While everybody there were in an excited mood, Mr. Okamoto, our CEO, presented a speech. "I sincerely appreciate the cooperation given by our supporters", he said, "thanks to which Kyokuyo could secure sufficient orders to fill our dock till the end of 2007." The CEO also added that "looking forward, Kyokuyo keeps investing in plants and equipment."

The 2004 Kyokuyo Open finished quite successfully - inarguably. The same golf course has already been reserved for the 45th game, to be held on October 11, 2005, and all the players for the 2004 competition were invited for the next one, too. We are sure all of us can have happy time again.

Ah! I forgot to mention the result. The winner of the 2004 game is ... Mr. Ochi, our Senior Managing Director, who marked a stunning score of 38+38=76 ! We, as host, feel deeply sorry to our guest players ! [2004/11/10]

2004 Kyokuyo Open Golf - result

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