Multi-purpose Cargo Boat
MPC heavy lifter

S460 - named & delivered !

Launching Ceremony for a MPC vessel
Our last big event in 2004 was the ceremony to celebrate the launching of S455 and the keel-laying of S456. These are 12,000tdw type multi-purpose cargo vessels to be built for account of a Switzerland based owner, Enzian Shipping. Just like the case of Arklow Shipping, the Swiss company placed the order directly with us, but for 4 units, this time. All of the Little Women will be delivered to the owner in the course of 2005.

The story of our Little Women isn't short, either. The business talk had started well before the contract signing, and ever since then Enzian and Kyokuyo took time to carefully materialize the project. We are glad to win this order not simply for the ordered number of ships or the elapsed time, but more because we could bolster, through our in-depth talks with our client, our self-confidence in building high-spec MPC's as required by European shipping companies.

Keel-laying Ceremony for a Multi-purpose Cargo
On November 25, in a pleasantly warm morning for late autumn, S455 exposed her bright red body in public for her first time. (Her looks somewhat evoked Santa Claus!) The champagne cord was nicely cut by Mr. Rudolf, one of the 2 resident superintendents of the owner, and the ship slowly glided out of the dock. The attenders then proceeded to our block factory where the keel-laying ceremony successfully took place, again with help from Mr. Rudolf. On behalf of our entire staff, we wish a prosperous future for the sisters !

We will be closed from December 30, 2004 to January 4, 2005 for the new year. We wish all of you a happy new year !

So ended our last big event for the most eventful year. What did we encounter in 2004 ? An exceptionally heated shipping market. No less than 6 typhoons that directly hit our place. Good memories with our valuable customers. Glowing concern about inflation, which may adversely affect our procurement program... Let's hope the coming year will be better (and milder) for all of us ! [2004/12/15]

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