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SCN BERN - delivery closing
The first vessel that Kyokuyo has built in 2005 is a multi-purpose heavy lifter ordered by our Swiss based client, SCL Reederei AG. The ship, code-named "S455", is also the first of four sisters we will build for SCL.

Although her appearance, with 2 sets of 80t deck crane and a European style tower bridge well characterizes this ice-classed vessel, you will find a lot of interesting features under the hood as well : movable and splittable inner hold bulkhead that can be used as tweendeck hatchcover, is an example. Simply put, it is a sophisticated unit, born from high-level requirements by the owner and our elaboration of technology. We would like to thank SCL people again for choosing Kyokuyo, despite their business relationship with European shipbuilders.

On February 28, we enjoyed a sunny, breezy and warm weather, pre-announcing the arrival of spring. Swiss and Japanese flags were trembling high up at the top of the bridge, and the ceremony was held in such a peaceful sunshine, attended by 12 guests including Dr. Kurt Beer, the president of the owner.

SCN BERN - ribbon cutting ceremony
Ribbon cutting was performed by Ms. Christelle Beer, the president's daughter, who then elegantly named S455 "SCL BERN". The flag exchange was the last part of the ceremony : with this symbolic act, the vessel was handed over from Kyokuyo to SCL, both in name and reality.

The party that followed was held at a hotel looking over Kanmon Channel. In the midst of the banquet, SCL BERN, which had just left her mother port, showed up on the scene. Yes, the newly-born ship was starting her first ever journey, being watched by our excited, but warm eyes! Her appearance, in red and white, colors of the flag of Switzerland (and Japan), left a strong impression to all of us who were there.

We wish a prosperous future to the ship and her owner. [2005/03/10]

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