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news044 : Kyokuyo Sets A New Standard OF Container Ship Design

We took a steady step toward "further improvement in design quality", one of our 3 challenge themes of 2005 as our Senior Managing Director K. Ochi told in his New Year's greetings.

Kyokuyo has completed its basic development of new "Mark II" 907TEU container ship standard design that will replace our popular 831TEU product line.

Kyokuyo "Mark II" general arrangement

item mark I mark II improvemt
container loading capacity 831TEU 907TEU +9%
on 14t homogenious load 600TEU 622TEU +4%
No. of high cubic containers in holds 82TEU

Since the first vessel was delivered to COSCO in 1996, the 831TEU type has been very well received in the market as ideal short-range liner. We have built 15 ships over 8 years, while constantly upgrading it.

Not only does "Mark II" Inherit all the advantages of the current model, it also features a variety of improvements designed to provide even higher quality performance. Brand-new compact accommodation unit with integrated tower bridge contributes to maximizing space utilization. Reviewed water-flow to the propeller optimizes hydrodynamic performance, which reduces level of noise and vibration and boosts propulsion efficiency.

Kyokuyo is currently delivering technical presentations to our customers and working on detail design. Although the first "Mark II" will be launched earlier, the next available position for new order is 2009.

We thank all of our customers who helped us develop the new model with valuable advices. [2005/04/25]

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