heavy lifter ceremony - cord cutting
heavy lifter ceremony - cord cutting

news045 : Naming & Delivery Ceremonies for SCL THUN

heavy lifter - delivery closing
On May 12, shortly after Japan's "Golden Week", we delivered a 12,000tdw multi-purpose heavy lifter, built by order of Swiss owner, SCL Reederei AG.

Just like the previous case, spring's warm weather welcomed us and our guests. The ceremony commenced in the morning, with contractual transfer of title, then we proceeded to more symbolical rites onboard. Finally, Ms. Sandra Woodtli solemnly named the vessel "SCL THUN", under the benevolent watch of her father, Mr. Peter Woodtli, operations manager of the owning company. The second sister smoothly sailed out of our place around the noon.

By that time, we had already moved to a scenic banquet room downtown Shimonoseki. This way, we could enjoy the material part of ceremony in wait for the central player. About one hour after the reception started, SCL THUN beautifully appeared on the scene, and sedately cruised just in front of us before slowly passing out of our sight. We all let out a cheer for the vessel which had begun her journey.

We wish she will show her true ability and further strengthen the confidence of our customer in our products.[2005/05/31]


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