introducing Kyokuyo's new board
introducing Kyokuyo's new board

news046 : Kyokuyo Announces New Board

At the Annual Shareholders Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting held on June 27, Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation elected and approved new board.

This change lowered average age of the directors from 57.2 to 53.8. Here are the short greetings from the members of our new board :

tomokazu okamoto - president
Tomokazu Okamoto

"With new board, we will further enhance our competitiveness in product performance, quality and price, without sacrificing our own characters, like unique design ability and niche-oriented strategy."
katsuhiko ochi - executive vice president
Katsuhiko Ochi
(Executive Vice President - promoted)

"To the best of my ability, I will keep my efforts, in my new position, to firmly support our president and secure good orders. I will also care the eductaion and development of human resources to ensure the company's future."

tetsuo mitsui - managing director
Tetsuo Mitsui
(Managing Director - promoted)

In the spirit of (an old chinese lesson meaning : "worry first, joy later" or "worries for leaders, happiness for people"), I will strive for our customers' satisfaction, always polishing the hints and techniques taught by owners, parts manufacturers and suppliers, and inheriting the company's tradition that is, creativity and reliability in technologies."
noriyuki fukushima - director
Noriyuki Fukushima
(Director, General Manager of Production Division)

"Our private power generation plant starts running in July, new NC cutters will be introduced in August, and block blast factory will open in September. I am keenly aware of my responsibility and people's expectation toward my division. I promise to try even harder for bright future of Kyokuyo."

takashi nagatomi - director
Takashi Nagatomi
(Director, General Manager of General Affairs Division - new director)

"On joining the company's board, I'd like to do a full reset and make a clean start. I will do my best to soundly fulfill my role and the ever-increasing demands to my division."

Masahiko Ueda, former Director & General Manager of General Affairs Department was resigned from the board and now appointed as special advisor to the department. [2005/07/10]

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