Kyokuyo's Cogenerataion Power Plant
Kyokuyo's Cogenerataion Power Plant

news047 :In-House Cogeneration Plant Now Running!

Kyokuyo's Cogenerataion Power Plant

Our brand new in-house cogeneration plant was completed end of june and went on line on July 3.

Last September, western Japan was hit by a powerful typhoon, called Songda or No.18, which generated record-breaking winds of 217km/h in Hiroshima and killed no less than 31 people in Japan. At Kyokuyo, storm surge generated by it came into our newbuilding dock but we could not run water discharge pumps due to widespread power failure - we needed an entire month to put everything back to normal. This did not only bring trouble to our valuable customers, but also caused a substantial drop in our turnover of last fiscal year, with the number of delivered ships being decreased from 5 to 4.

So, the main purpose of our new plant is emergency and disaster risk management. It ensures uninterrupted power supply to our factory and offices all the time and allows us to control water level even in case of emergencies. Also, we expect this power station with latest real-time generation management system will contribute to energy and cost saving and greenhouse gas reduction. (Just for your information, we have launched a project to increase employees' awareness on environment and energy issues in the same line, and it is producing good results.)

To further enhance the confidence of the clients and fulfill its social responsibilities, Kyokuyo is committed to always improving quality in our products and services as well as environmental performance. [2005/07/24]

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