New ultra-low temperature refregerated cargo vessel
New ultra-low temperature refregerated cargo vessel
news050 : Princess was born !
Celebrating the berth of Tuna Princess
On September 25, Kyokuyo delivered a 180,000cft refrigerated cargo carrier, S-461. The vessel, with fish processing equipments installed onboard, is the latest and also a milestone product in our continuing line of ultra-low temperature reefer technologies.

The elder sister, Tuna Queen, set out on her maiden voyage 2 years ago. Her birth was passionately celebrated by more than 50 people, including shipowner, fish exporters and wholesalers. Since then, the reefer boat is doing her job perfectly, as we are told that the distinctly good state of her cargoes are - to our delight - now widely recognized in the tuna market. In fact, TOREI, the cargo owner, named its product brand after the vessel which gained a good reputation ! <visit tuna queen homepage>

Tuna fish and Sushi master
And S-461 goes further. A lot of improvements and new ideas, with efficiency, sanitation and ecology specially in mind, are implemented on this newest ship, in collaboration with the shipowner and superintending staffs. To name a few,
  • Improved user-friendliness and work efficiency of fish processing plants and better working environment
  • Introduction of new, HACCP-friendly sanitation installations. (HACCP = Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points System)
  • Sea-water sterilization unit for fish processing bench
  • Improved power supply to refrigeration plants
  • Improved freshwater cooling system in engine room, minimizing the effect of pipe corrosion in future
  • New tank to store the water used in fish processing, minimizing sea water pollution
  • New eco-friendly water-saving toilets
  • etc.

cord cutting ceremony
This time, nearly 80 domestic and international guests attended at the naming and delivery ceremony held at Shimonoseki, reflecting a rising expectation to our new ultra-low temperature reefer after 2 years break. She was named "Tuna Princess", and successfully delivered to the owner, Wang Tat Corporation. It was indeed a big party, and attendance gave her a rousing send-off.

We hope our newest baby will contribute to further enhancing value of the brand which has the name of her sister (or mother?) "Tuna Queen" ! [2005/10/20]

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