SCL BERN - on her launching day
SCL BERN - on her launching day
News 057: Glad to be Significant

Since 3 years, Kyokuyo has been building high-standard modern cargo ships for European owners, along with our established line of products like container carriers or reefers. It is certainly a frontier for Japanese middle sized shipyards which have traditionally specialized in offering basic vessels with excellent finish and for competitive price.

Building "European" style ships that are not regularly seen at our home waters for account of shipowners who have not much experience in placing order to Far-Eastern builders - such a project does require comprehensive abilities on the part of shipyards. It was surely a big challenge to Kyokuyo, although all of us were quite confident to overcome it.

And (we think) we have achieved a successful outcome so far. We (think we) could build what we had conceived and what our clients had wanted to realize. You don't believe ? Okay, let us introduce some of papers that were recently published !

Significant Ships of 2005
First, our "SCL BERN" was selected in "Significant Ships of 2005" by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. The book "is a quality annual publication providing an invaluable reference source to some of the very best in today's ship design and construction." The latest edition introduces 49 ships completed worldwide in 2005, including the world's biggest container carrier and largest LNG tanker, the world's first trimarin ferry, American cruise ship and Japanese Techno-Superliner... and SCN BERN, of course.

MacGREGOR News #153
MacGREGOR News #153, quarterly magazine published by MacGREGOR (as you guess!) also features the 4 sisters we are building for Carisbrooke Shipping group. The article focuses on "the largest high-stowing folding hatch covers of their type ever supplied by MacGREGOR." As comment from owner, Mr. Willem Wester says : "We have complete faith in the combination of the engineering/design capabilities of both MacGREGOR and Kyokuyo Shipyard to build these exceptionally large hatch covers to a high standard."

Obviously, our challenge is not ended. Rather, we realize that this is merely a start. We will keep strengthening our abilities in building high-standard vessels with excellent finish and for competitive price, to meet the needs of the globe. [2006/05/25]

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