Kyokuyo Shipyard - Material Purchasing Division
Kyokuyo Shipyard - Material Purchasing Division
news060 : Let me divulge top secrets !

Hi, I'm Tomomi. Today I'll leak out the most confidential information on our Material Purchasing Division of Kyokuyo Shipyard, which I'm working for.

The division is, I must say, further divided into 2 groups. Material Purchasing Section (MPS), which handles and manages orders, deliveries and payments, on one hand, and Warehouse Section (WHS), which takes care of entering and dispatching in/out of our warehouse, on the other.

Material Purchasing Division - Organization Chart
Now that you have got the top secret on our organization structure, I go farther. I'll leak personal information on every member in the Division !

Akio Hayakawa
This man, called Akio Hayakawa, was transferred from Repairing Department a half year ago as Chief of MPS. Cool-headed and very understanding, he is deeply relied on by me.
Takeshi Sano
Takeshi Sano isn't my father brother although he shares the same family name as me. He takes charge of the (stress-giving) task of steel storing and retrieving. But his stress goes away once he is at the steering wheel of his Luxurious (?) British Car...

Goichi Araki
This guy, Goichi Araki, is a freshman with only 4 months experience in MPS. So it's natural he has got a habit of saying "I get to learn everyday!" at his desk. His inexpertness often makes me happy, as Goichi is the only person whom I can educate !
Shigeko Shono
This lady is named Shigeko Shono. She isn't only an expert at handling materials but all sorts of people (including those macho workers !) coming in and going out of the warehouse, too.

Matsuo Akieda
In WHS, I have to pick Matsuo Akieda first, because he has lost gained a lot of respect for being so kind with me and merciless with the other staffs. None but me knows he is in fact badly in love with his wife and daughter !
Hello Again
And me. Tomomi Sano. 3 years have passed since I joined Kyokuyo. I'm proud that I have never committed an over payment in my glorious mistake history (which includes however some payment due date overlooking, sorry). This is probably why I am so much valued !

Shusaku Yamada, General Manager
Finally, this is our boss, Shusaku Yamada. With his legendary toughness as an international businessman, he fights everyday without rest to find better, of higher quality and more cost-efficient products from every corner of the world. Hey boss, please allow me some time to become a true expert who could say cool things like : "Boss, I'm afraid you lack exactitude !"

If you are salesperson of an equipment maker or agent trying to market a ship-related product, please feel free to come over here. We will be listening to you, with a cup of coffee ! [2006/09/18]

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