Takeshi and Tomomi Sano
Takeshi and Tomomi Sano
News 063 : Surprise Win at the 46th Kyokuyo Open !
Prize-giving ceremony - 46th Kyokuyo Open

Although "Kyokuyo Open" is not a national premier golf tournament for professional golfers, it is unique match virtually "open" to everybody who has something to do with Kyokuyo, from customers, contractors, suppliers, bankers, to ... pub owners, let alone employees and employers of Kyokuyo Shipyard.

No less than 132 players (in 34 groups) joined the game this year, held on October 10, 2006. They say Kyokuyo Open is now the second biggest golf competition in the industry ! Considering its steady growth (number of players was 94 in 2004, and 125 in 2005), some have started to worry, half-seriously, that we may need to introduce a mechanism like regional qualification games or monday's tournament to limit the scale of the game in future !

Also big is the enthusiasm of the participants. We heard a lots of stories behind the scene : some started to prepare the competition in July, frequenting golf courses. A manager (of xxx section) who finished in last place in Kyokuyo Open 2005 had made unbelievable progress since then. Another manager (of yyy section) got what-for from his wife because he threw his summer bonus in new golf club set behind her back. In brief, every player comes in with his/her own passion, whether positive or negative.

Regardless of participants' swirling passion, sky was bright, clear and sunny on that day, leaving no room for excuse to them. After the group No.1 opened the competition at 7:32, 132 gathered players dissipated one by one into every corner (including OB zone) of the difficult course of the Shimonoseki Golden Club, designed by Jack Nicklaus...

46th Kyokuyo Open

... and several hours later, the clubhouse exclusively reserved for the competition was filled with relaxed players. Every time a winner for each award - booby prize, driving contest, "closest to pin" contest, to cite a few - was named, the large banquet room erupted in cheers. This year, the glorious "best gross" award went to Mr. Y. Yamahoka of Shinkai Industry [photo above] with 76 - marvelous !

The whole ceremony was emceed by Mr. Yamada [Do you remember news 060?], who did perfectly his job with humor and.. exactitude ! He started with introducing the booby-prized player, then called name of every participant going up from the bottom of the result sheet. The name he revealed at last was the one nobody, including himself, had expected : it was Takeshi Sano, who was introduced in news 060 together with his boss, MC Yamada. Mr. Sano fully profited by double peoria scoring system to get the biggest prize !

The competition was then finished with speech of Mr. Okamoto, president, and Mr. Ochi, vice-president of the company, announcing the 47th competition to be held on October 10, 2007, which would also commemorate Kyokuyo's 65's anniversary of foundation. Dear readers, see you next year at the clubhouse ! [2006/11/16]

The 46th Kyokuyo Open - Results

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