Kyokuyo Shipyard - Ship Repair Team
Kyokuyo Shipyard - Ship Repair Team
news066 :Introducing Ship Repair Team.

Shuzen - stands for "Repair"Have you read Tomomi Sano's introduction to her Material Purchasing Division in News 060 ? Since it was received favorably, now it's my turn. My name is Miho Miyaji, and I am going to disclose my who's who in Ship Repair Team of Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation.

The team consists of 2 groups : technical group, in charge of actual repair, and business group that takes care of commercial aspects of the business. From the organizational point of view, former belongs to Production Division (PD) and the latter to Business Division (BD).

Okay, I start with our technical group. It is a small but highly efficient team, for which the company is now seeking to recruit a staff.

Shuzo Okabe
Shuzo Okabe, Deputy General Manager
Team's control tower that keeps issuing exact instructions all the time. His uncompromising stance made him a good leader at work, and a good cooker at home.
Hideo Yoshida

Hideo Yoshida, Manager

He is a little bit straight-faced, and walks oddly due to his backache. But many superintendents trust him and his admirable knowledge of ship machinery. So do I.

Noriyuki Yokoyama
Noriyuki Yokoyama, Chief & Dockmaster
Experienced dockmaster who can put any ships (except oversized ones) into our dock like a charm. He is also an experienced (alcoholic) party master.
Jun Ikeda
Jun Ikeda
He is merely 21 years old. Endowed with good physical size and energy, he's only missing experience. Ah! His future is so bright!

And now it's time for business group.

Nobuyoshi Wakamatsu
Nobuyoshi Wakamatsu, Adviser
Our grandpa who has a thorough knowledge of the ship. To maintain his physique, he visits the field everyday, and plays golf frequently. And look at his smile ! It has a healing effect on busy persons !
Kenichi Mori
Kenichi Mori, Deputy General Manager
As leader of the team, he is always busy in business and you are lucky if you see him sitting in the office. Though a mild person by nature, he becomes tough in the negotiation and on the golf course, too.

Soichiro Fujimura
Soichiro Fujimura, Chief
He enjoys popularity among our customers. Ready to do a wide range of jobs, including tea serving. His only weak points are alcohol and virus - Soichiro can't drink much, and is very vulnerable to virus attack !
Miho Miyaji
Miho Miyaji, shadow commander in chief
I am an assistant to businessmen in our team and secretary to customer superintendents who have their ship in the dock. (Who knows I'm in fact the commander in chief manipulating all the repair team members from my desk, he he!)

With help from Kyokuyo's talented ship design team, our members are combining forces to serve our customers better and quicker. Our business menu includes usual drydocking survey and works, on-the-spot repair outside of our premises, ship modification, casualty response and any other ship repairing.

If you have enquiry, please feel free to ask us. I welcome you with a cup of coffee and my smile. [2007/01/20]

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