Korea-Japan 2007
Korea-Japan 2007
News 067 :Welcome! Young Guests from Korea

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On January 23, 2007, we received 38 guests from PuKyong National University (PKNU) of Korea. They are professors and students at PNKU's College of Environmental and Marine Sciences and Technology, visiting Kyokuyo and other places in Japan as part of Pusan-Shimonoseki sister-city exchange activities.

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This annual study-tour programme started in 2005 and it is our second time to accept a mission from PNKU. PNKU is one of Korea's 10 top Universities and the students in the mission have passed a difficult college entrance examination! Through this programme, the University aims at offering these students opportunities for acquiring professional knowledge and creating an international sense.

After a briefing given by T. Mitsui, our Managing Director, the mission visited our factories and vessels under construction, guided by managers of Kyokuyo's manufacturing and design sectors. Next up was Q&A session, where the students asked the company's technical directors and staffs a series of interesting questions. The tour ended with taking ceremonial photos in a friendly atmosphere.

"I'm impressed," said Mitsui, "by their clear and earnest eyes in particular." In fact, students' positive attitude shown throughout the sessions - which did not allow the tour to be finished in time by the way - surprised us pleasantly. We frankly wonder if Japanese students studying naval architecture are given similar opportunities to take a visit to Korean shipbuilders.

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Yes, the students we welcomed today may be the toughest competitors for Japanese shipbuilders tomorrow, but we do believe that it is eventually good for continuation and development of the ship building industry as a whole. We are simply happy if young people leading the next generation of the industry are motivated in a way or another by visiting Kyokuyo Shipyard. So, we are looking foward to seeing more young friends from Korea ! [2007/02/05]

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