Freshmen at work
Freshmen at work
News 068 :(Quite a Lot of) Young Blood is Injected!

President's SpeechAs our loyal readers know well, April is the month for a Japanese company to welcome newcomers fresh from college and school. This April is however an unusual April for Kyokuyo Shipyard (and general affair staff in particular), as it has received as many as 10 new recruits - number more than double compared to average year level.

The new employees are well balanced in terms of education background, with 4 from high-school, 2 from technical college, 3 from university and 1 from grad school. Since they are not all Shimonoseki natives, it is interesting to hear them talk each other with one's own local accent !

On April 2, the freshmen attended at their first ever ceremony in the company - the initiation ceremony, which does not include champagne breaking, but delivery of appointment letters and president's speech. It was followed by simple lunch party, where new employees enjoyed (allegedly) frank conversation with corporate board members.

LectureWhen the party was over, training programme began immediately : 4 to-be-technicians were dispatched to Oita Regional Shipbuilding Craftsmanship Center [see details in News 056] to obtain 6 qualifications in 3 months ; and the other 6 are taking part in 6 month special training session. The unique 6 month session, introduced this year, is conceived and structured by a team headed by Mr. Mitsui, our managing director controlling design and technical divisions.

The programme started with course of general lectures. After that, each of 6 freshmen is separately sent every week to a different team working at various sites in the factory. This way, new boys are offered precious opportunities to experience multiple aspects of shipbuilding factory and know people working there. We believe this training will influence them positively no matter to which section they will be assigned.

Golden Week Holidays
Local holiday weeks (April - May) are coming close. Our office and factories will be closed on the days marked in red.

We have to admit that young and eager work-fellows invigorate us, too. It is not bad to feel like fresh blood is circulating with vigor in the body. While we will remain as a reliable shipbuilder with high manufacturing standards, yes, we are actually evolving every moment ! [2007/04/17]

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