Hanami Party
Hanami Party
News 069 : A Good Party Under Cherry Blossoms

Party! Party! Party!

In this issue, we report on "hanami" party of Saturday March 31, planned and organized by a group of young employees of Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation. As we explained to you a couple of times [see news33 or news43], "hanami", or flower watching party, is a part of Japan's seasonal tradition since hundreds of years (really). People meet together under cherry trees in full blossom, to admire their beauty and, more importantly, to have a joyful time with BBQ and beers.

About 2 months ago, the group drew up a plan for the party and requested support to the company. The management, who likes this kind of positive proposal from young people, immediately promised to grant it, while asking the organizers to make sure that none in the party would leave the place messy, or violate laws and other social rules. From that time, the organizing team worked hard to attract interest of other employees. Their effort was successful, as some 60 people finally joined the gathering - more than anyone expected !

Men, Wemen and a DogIt was cloudy on 31st, but actually the weather did not matter, because the party organizers were fully prepared for all-weather and well equipped with tents, electric generators and lighting systems. (Hey, it was quite easy job for ship building guys !) At the garden of Sumiyoshi Shrine [its site (in Japanese only)], one of the best "hanami" spots in the city, we got together in the afternoon to share a unforgettable time until the sunset. It actually offered nice opportunities for participants to talk with someone they knew only by face, as they included various people, from company's directors, white-collars and blue-collars, OB's, their family, a dog, to clients' superintendents and class supervisors.

The enjoy-beers-and-grilled-beef-under-the-cherry-trees party was a great success. On behalf of the company and participants, I would like to say thank you to the organizers for their terrific job. This way, we can be better crew to navigate our ship more efficiently and pleasantly. We hope we can have this party next year, too ! [2007/05/17]

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