Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation - factory
Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation - factory
news070 : Introducing Quality Assurance Division

Hello, everybody! This time, I, Atsushi Shiga, introduce my Quality Assurance Division of Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation. It is a compact yet highly efficient team with 4 expert members in 2 sections.

Kyokuyo Shipyard - Masakazu TakiThe group is headed by Masakazu Taki, General Manager. Mr. Taki is a serious, responsible and hard-working man, who spares no effort to keep our level of quality high and our commitment to every customer strong. With his solid technical background in fundamental ship design and his language skills, our general manager is trusted by many people from whole wide world. He looks the happiest when he reads e-mails of appreciation from oversea customers.

When Mr. Taki is off, he plays golf and "Pachinko" pinball game. I don't know anything about golf, but I am certain that I am definitely a better Pachinko player, while my boss is luckier than me quite often.

Kyokuyo Shipyard - Hisashi HaradaMr. Hisashi Harada, manager of Quality Assurance Department, is in charge of responding to owner's comments, handling of guarantee claim and all the ISO9001-related jobs. He loves his eco-friendly bicycle and uses it for commuting to work by all means, regardless of weather. He also loves shouting "Seishun Jidai (a Japanese oldie, means "Memories of Younger Days")" at karaoke bar, when he is a little drunk and sentimental.

Kyokuyo Shipyard - Keiji MizueThis is Mr. Keiji Mizue of Inspection Department. As the section name implies, he carries out inspection of newbuilding and repair ships daily with owner's superintendents and classification surveyors. His expertise, which allows him to finish every inspection in time no matter how short and/or tight is the overall repair schedule, is often referred to as "Mizue's magic". I would like to do the same magic trick some day ! Mr. Mizue is also known as an avid and faithful Pachinko player. His humor depends much on his most recent result of Pachinko games.

Kyokuyo Shipyard - Atsushi ShigaFinally, it's me. Mr. Atsushi Shiga, assistant chief of Inspection Department. While I am aware that my English is far from being perfect, I am concerned to make smooth communication with owner's superintendents. Outside of work, I am quite a versatile man (believe me!). For instance, I am very good at assembling PC's at low cost, beating back newest spy-wares from PC's, arranging social parties (refer to the previous issue), and MCeeing and DJing, too. Don't you think that I'm as useful as Kyokuyo's latest Multi-Purpose ships ?

We, all of the four, promise you to keep our daily efforts to provide our customers with peace of mind. [2007/06/05]

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