Team Kyokuyo Softball Team : game
Team Kyokuyo Softball Team : game
news073 : We are STRONG ! introducing "Team Kyokuyo" Softball Team
Hello folks, we are a group of (mostly) young sportsmen and a sportswoman working at Kyokuyo. All of us firmly share the same passion for shipbuilding and ... softball ! Our squad, called "Team Kyokuyo", is powerful enough to be recognized as one of leading units in the city.

The team is naturally quite active, having regular training sessions on every saturday and practice and/or official games on every sunday. It currently consists of 14 people, namely :

"Team Kyokuyo" Softball Team Members

name age position in team position in company
Yamada 54 Manager GM, Material Purchasing Div.
Konishi 42 Coacher assistant manager, outfitting sect.
Katayama 25 Pitcher steel plate bending team
Kohno 33 Catcher sub assembly team
Kawauchi 21 1B outfitting team
Maeda 30 2B steel plate blending team
Kohno 21 3B steel cutting by plasma team
Kubota 20 LF steel cutting by eye-tracer team
Shizuma 23 CF painting team
Murata 30 RF machinery fitting
Yoshida 43 Bench GM, Sales Div.
Koori 24 Bench assembly team
Miyaji ?? Secretary Ship Repairing Dept.
Ochi 53 Sub Bench President

Don't you think that the members are well distributed in terms of age and function in the corporation ? In fact, most of the players assume an important role in the forefront of ship building at our shipyard. In particular, we would emphasize that steel cutting and bending processes required to manufacture Kyokuyo's elegantly streamlined bulbous bows deeply depend on the hands of "Team Kyokuyo" !

Every sunday, with pride as ship building person, and determined to secure victory, we go to baseball park to, we have to admit it, fail to get the results we truly deserve, though. The reason is simple. It's because you can hardly see our best members join together. Our players are requested to work on weekend too often, and maybe too workaholic to place the ball yard ahead of the shipyard !

In spite of apparent handicap, we keep our chin always up, seeking the best balance between the ball and the steel plate. If you want to fight with Team Kyokuyo, we are always here to respond to your challenge !

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