New Adults - Kyokuyo Shipyard
New Adults - Kyokuyo Shipyard
news079 : Celebrating Passage into Adulthood"Seijin no hi" (Day of Adults, literally) is the Japanese coming-of-age day, held on the second Monday in January. To celebrate its employees who reaches the age of 20, Kyokuyo Shipyard presents them a gift on that day every year.

Coming of age day ceremony - Kyokuyo Shipyard 2008

We had 4 eligibles in 2008, including 3 young technicians who, in 2006, took the professional training at Oita Regional Shipbuilding Craftsmanship Center for 3 months as we reported previously [ see news056]. The other is also scheduled to do likewise this year to enhance the skills he has already acquired.

As Seijin no hi is a national holiday, the presentation ceremony took place on January 10 this year. The company president Mr. Ochi handed the present to each of 4 young adults, with hearty words of celebration and encouragement.

We wish them a bright future! [2008/01/18]

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