Container Carrier Sinotrans Beijing
Container Carrier Sinotrans Beijing
news080 : "Beijing" Came First
On February 1st, an 847 TEU type container carrier, code-named S475, was delivered to her Hong Kong based owner, Trade Integrity Shipping Limited. She is the eldest of the series of 4 vessels.

SInotrans Beijing - Naming & Delivery Ceremonies

The first big ceremony for the sisters was well attended, with 21 guests including Mr. and Mrs. Li Zhen of China National Foreign Trade (Group) Corporation and Mr. Mizuhara, Unit Manager of Mitsubishi Coroporation. Mrs. Li played leading role that day as cord-cutter and sponsor. All the participants applauded heartily when S475 was given name "Sinotrans Beijing" by her godmother.

SInotrans Beijing - Naming & Delivery CeremoniesWith all the ceremonies completed as scheduled, the newly-borned ship set out on her first voyage under a clear sky. The reception was held at a "lookout" banquet hall offering an excellent view over Kanmon Channel through which the vessel was passing at the same time. It was a good party in a comfortable friendly atmosphere.

We wish a bright and prosperous future for Sinotrans Beijing as well as 3 sisters to come later. [2008/02/14]

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