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kyokuyo shipyard corporation
news085 : Kyokuyo Created New Post of Corporate Officereball Stadium

After the company's 71st regular shareholders' meeting and subsequent board meeting held on June 27, Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation announced board of directors for 2008/2009 and the creation of new post of corporate officer.

The members of the company's board were unchanged, consisting of :

  • Katsuhiko Ochi, President
  • Tetsuo Mitsui, Senior Managing Director [assistant to president]
  • Noriyuki Fukushima, Managing Director [all technical matters]
  • Takashi Nagatomi, Director [general affairs]
  • Masahiko Ueda, Auditor

Tomokazu Okamoto, former chairman, has become senior advisor to the company.

As of July 1, Kyokuyo appointed the following 5 general managers to the newly created "corporate officer". By promoting these experts to higher position, the board expects them to contribute further, by taking a stronger leadership in each field, to enhance the company's efficiency and operation.

Shusaku YamadaShusaku Yamada, Corporate Officer, General Manager of Material Purchasing Division

"I will try my best to more precisely control the whole process of material purchasing and build up or maintain co-operative relationship with all the makers. Having a longer-range perspective is particularly important."

Masakazu TakiMasakazu Taki, Corporate Officer, General Manager of Quality Assurance Division

"My immediate objective as the leader of company's QC is to set up more efficient yet smooth quality control system for PCTC building. We have to prevent serious or repetitive mistakes through systematic collection and careful analysis of related data."

Saeki SatoshiSatoshi Saeki, Corporate Officer, General Manager of Production Division

"Our group will keep working hard together to increase building capacity and pre-assembling fitting ratio. Making the organization and the staff fully ready for new PSPC rules is another challenge. "

Kenzo KawaharaKenzo Kawahara, Corporate Officer, General Manager of Design Division

"Each section in my division has its own target, especially in relation to our ongoing challenge of developing Kyokuyo's maximal PCTC design. In brief, I want all the new designs to be based on customers' needs and to use and waste less steel, optimizing them with most advanced technologies."

Hiroshi YoshidaHiroshi Yoshida, Corporate Officer, General Manager of Business Division

"Under the actual uncertain situation where many shipowners hold off buying, I expect it will be difficult, for time being, to locate orders for fairly remote delivery positions currently available. I will basically utilize this period for market research, in order to determine the ship type Kyokuyo should focus on in the near future."


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