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news087 :Kyokuyo's New Ro/Ro Design Made a Good Debut

Kyokuyo received the first order for its new strategic product - Roll-On/Roll-Off cargo carrier. Being aware of the fact that about 50% of the world RO/RO fleet of "our size" are more than 20 years old, we have been tackling since a couple of years the development of modern RO/RO, which can reduce as much as 60% of CO2 emission compared with truck transportation. This 4-ship order marks the first fruit of the project.

The brand-new model is created by our design team using and extending technologies developed for PCC's and PCTC's that are already on our orderbook. Technical highlights include : pillar-less RO/RO deck structure that optimizes loading/unloading efficiency ; combination of middle-speed main engine and a pair of stern ramp/doors ensuring smooth access to the car deck, and ; equipment of trim/heel automatic controller. Systems for unmanned engine room and one-man bridge are also equipped. As environmental measures, it has protected fuel tanks and "low-sulfur fuel ready" propulsion system. In brief, it's a today's and tomorrow's RO/RO carrier.

We expect this new design, together with PCTC, container carrier and some other new types - which will probably include heavy lifter and specialized project cargo carrier based on our famous MPP line - will form core of our product menu in the near future. For the container ship, we have just developped a totaly new complehensive 1000TEU version with IMO regulation-ready protected fuel tanks.

Kyokuyo will continue its efforts to provide quality modern ships to niche market segment, with outstanding capabilities in designing and manufacturing. [2008/08/19]

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