Kyokuyo's Office Building Annex
Kyokuyo's Office Building Annex
news088 : Better Creativity Through Better View

Kyokuyo's office building annex was extended to 3 floors this summer, to provide an ample and organized space for our growing design division.

New Office of Kyokuyo's Design Division

Our design team, whose office was located in the 3rd floor of the main building, had long suffered from insufficient space due mainly to staff expansion and introduction of new machines. Cabling spaghetti was giving them another headache. To end the situation, the management made a decision to add a floor to the annex, aka superintendent building, which can accommodate all the space required by the division.

Kyokuyo's Office Building AnnexIn order to minimize impact on daily operation, the day of relocation was set for the middle of August, which is usually not busy and typhoon-free. It turned out a day of exhausting hard labor for our designers and engineers, because while desks, cabinets, machines, computers and other bulky things were moved by professional staffs from relocation company, all the rest - like personal belongings - had to be carried by their own hands, back and forth, up and down ... under grilling August sunshine! Thanks a lot, young guys!

Now, at the brand-new, calm and comfortable office with a view over Suonada Channel, all our design team staffs are excited to restart their work. We hope the relocation will contribute to the further enhancement of productivity and creativity.

At the same time, we paved the space between the main building and the annex to make it as additional guest car parking space.

Our office will be closed on October 10 for the company's foundation day. Sorry for the inconvenience !

Our investment will continue : latest model of NC cutting machines will be introduced soon ; 120t type block carriers scheduled to arrive next year, and ; a new 120t crane to be installed on dock side also in 2009, let alone various business investments to cut overall costs. [2008/09/15]

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