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Kyokuyo Shipbuilding Corporation - factory
news091 : Kyokuyo Likes U-Turners

Japan is traditionally known as country of career-long employment and escalator system. Things are changing slowly though. Nowadays, one can switch companies more easily than before as labor fluidity is increasing. Kyokuyo is hiring growing number of such career changers, who have typically spent several years with major shipbuilders and then come back to their home town - Shimonoseki - for a reason or another. In this issue, we are introducing you some of them.

Mr. M.Mr. M, 32, joined Kyokuyo 4 and a half years ago. He used to work in a major ship building company as thermal bending worker and pursues his career as steel plate bending trainer in our Fabrication Section (Hull Construction Department). Thermal bending is a field requiring technician's professional skills which are difficult to be carried over to other people. He is demonstrating his techniques acquired through his previous and current job experiences. "The best thing I've found here in Kyokuyo is ..." he smiles and says, "my wife!" Yes, he got married to a lady who was working in accounting division here. With a daughter born recently, he looks full of happiness.

Mr. AAlmost 3 years have passed since Mr.A., 28, came into the company's Hull Construction Department. He is in charge of hull construction's assembly. "Yeah, I have got a lot to learn here." He explains, "because I have to take care of whole assembly process. In my previous post with a bigger shipbuilding company, I was involved only in a part of that. I fully enjoy my current job that is apparently more challenging." His case may prove that smaller firms can offer better job satisfaction than bigger and highly segmentalized organizations. He is going to get married in next month, too !

Mr. TMr. T, 24, has just joined Kyokuyo since this month. After graduated from Shimonoseki Industrial High School, he spent 5 years in repair division of a shipbuilder. For personal reasons he came back to Shimonoseki to find a post in Kyokuyo's Engine Section in Repairing Department. "I'm shaking down to the new situation," he says, "but I now really feel that I lack experience." He continues, "I'm lucky to be here in Kyokuyo, and want to become a full-fledged employee as soon as possible." We hope he carry on his current effort to be a matured technician.

We have hired 7 employees in this pattern since 5 years. The company appreciates their wide perspective and solid skill-base built through big company's complete education system. Whatever is the reason for switching - willingness to challenge in more varied fields ; inability to get job satisfaction in a large organization ; necessity to come back home to rejoin family and friends - we always welcome serious job-changers. [2008/11/25]

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