Satoshi Saeki, Corporate Officer, Kyokuyo Shipyard
Satoshi Saeki, Corporate Officer, Kyokuyo Shipyard
News 096 : Kyokuyo's New Car Carrier Is Getting Taller

Kyokuyo's car carrier under constructionHello, I am Saeki, General Manager of Production Division. In this issue, I will introduce the car carrier that Kyokuyo will build for the first time in 25 years !

The vessel, now sitting in our building dock with keel laid in January, is the first of 4 sisters ordered by a Europe-based client. Since their design is substantially different from that of multi-purpose cargoes or container carriers to which we are familiar, we have been doing intensive preparation, by conducting study sessions and carrying out building-process simulations making use of block paper models. I have also organized a project team, in cooperation with Mr. Yamada, our new director, to significantly improve the efficiency of block factory which is a bottleneck of the current manufacturing flow.

Saeki (right) together with Yamada (left) Thanks to the company-wide preparation and anticipatory-investments, the vessel is being built steadily without trouble. Of course, manufacturing a totally new product is not a walk in the park. This is even more true if the vessel - including hull, machinery, gears and equipments - was designed to comply with higher European standards. We are enjoying the challenge though, and looking forward to the great feeling of accomplishment that we can have on her completion (over a mug of beer, of course!)

Standing in front of the lofty, car-carrier-specific mass of steel blocks, which gets even taller day by day, I have renewed my determination to make a concerted effort so that Kyokuyo can deliver the best ship as scheduled in the month of July, while wishing favorable weather and safety to all workers. We will do our best ! [2009/03/09]

photos : [top left - car carrier sitting in the building dock] [bottom right - yamada (left) and saeki (right) in block factory]

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