2009 hanami party
2009 hanami party
News 099: 50%, 60 people and 70 yen

This issue features the untimely report of Kyokuyo's yearly cherry-blossom-viewing a.k.a. "hanami" party, which was held on Saturday March 28 this year. The organizing team, consisting of '08 rookie employees, did good job analyzing weather reports, advertising the event, and getting what was necessary.

As I said last year, the schedule for hanami is difficult to set. We had a warm march this year, with temperature sharply rising after 15th. Then, cold wind blew away the organizers' expectation. Unfortunately, flowers on 28th are merely in "gobuzaki" state, which literally means "50% open" and is considered as too early, although the weather was not bad at least in spite of negative forecast.

Hanami party 2009

The party started at 16:00 and nearly 60 people, including shipowner's superintendents, class surveyors, Kyokuyo president, directors, employees and their families, joined it. The guests seemed enjoying the event, eating grilled chicken and beef and fried noodle, cooked by Kyokuyo employees, under cherry blossoms.

We will be closed as marked in the calendar below for "Golden Week" national holidays starting in the end of April.
By the way, do you remember what our president said one year ago ? He exactly said : "I enjoyed the party, but for an event of a company which is known for its cultural spirits as well as having excellent entertainers, I definitely missed one thing which was music ! I hope I will be able to see guitars and horn section in the next party."

Always being very loyal to the president, I (singer-song-writer-webmaster Miyoshi) had brought a guitar and played some songs for the guests to get a total tip of 70yen (0.5 Euro or 0.7US$) only. What a pity!

Anyway, on behalf of all the party attendance, I would like to say thanks to organizing team for their good job. I am looking forward to performing more next year. [2009/04/28]

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