English Education Program
English Education Program

News 107 : Let's be more International, folks!

Kyokuyo has recently entered into a long-term contract with a language education company for further improving the English communication skills of its employees.

English Education Program

To start with, a total of 36 staffs were selected as students for the first semester. For coming 6 months, they will receive the fine-tuned training according to their individual English level and assignment in Kyokuyo. The programs are specially developed for ship-building industries and designed to enhance English communication skills when dealing with various situations in our work place.

When we first contacted the education company, they were surprised. Why? Because they also were about to approach us, following an advice from the president of a shipping-related firm who said : "You should try Kyokuyo, as they are serious about foreign language training for employees." Yes, that's right.

A native English teacher, Michigan man, will stay Shimonoseki until April 30, 2010 to take care of all the classes for this semester, 6-7 hours per day, 5 days a week. A friendly and energetic veteran educator with more than 20 years of career and some experience as engineer as well, he was well received by his students.

Okay, the die is cast now. Let's see how much and how quickly my 36 colleagues can improve their English level !


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