Kunji Irahara - ex Chairman, Kyokuyo Shipyard
Kunji Irahara - ex Chairman, Kyokuyo Shipyard

News 113 : Kyokuyo's ex-chairman Came to See Us

We received a special guest on February 1, 2010. Mr. Kunji Irahara, ex-chairman of Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation came to our factory.

Mr Irahara visited Kyokuyo Shipyard

Mr. Irahara was managing director of Hayashikane Dockyard Co., Ltd. (dissolved in 1988) when Kyokuyo's management team of that time solicited his help in 1981. After joining our company, he played a leading role in reinforcing its business infrastructure. As president and then chairman, and as recognized face in the industry, Mr. Irahara has contributed so much to Kyokuyo's recession survival and corporate growth, until his retirement in 2003.

Many of our staffs love and respect Mr. Irahara. Mr. Ochi, the current president, is no exception. The present company leader owes much to his "big boss", from whom he learnt a lot about ship-building business.

This time, we invited Mr. Irahara to take a look of our paint factory which was built after his retirement, the newly installed 120t crane, and the pure car carriers we are building for the first time in many years. The "big boss" did a factory tour in gentle rain escorted by all the actual board members. At every corner, the former chairman was greeted by smiling veteran staffs, who were happily surprised by his appearance.

Despite his age, Mr. Irahara is so healthy and kicking that many of us found that he even looked younger than 7 years ago ! After the tour, he enjoyed lunch with the current board members. All our best wishes for a long and happy retirement ! [2010/02/24]

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