News 114 : Making a presentation to the management team... in English

3 months have passed since our new English training program was started as reported in news 107. At the end of February, each of 36 participants was invited to do a short English presentation about himself/herself in front of the company president. The idea came from the teacher, who proposed to show how much progress his students have made in the 3 months.

Kyokuyo's "sss-bowed" new PCC designJapanese are shy people and aren't good at speaking in public. Making an English presentation is just scaring for us. You probably can't imagine how terrified we feel, when we are asked to do it to the company boss ! What is worse for them, the company's No.2, Mr. Mitsui also joined the event. Amen.

On the fateful day, the students performed, err, reasonably well under tremendous pressure ! We sincerely applauded their effort and struggle. It is also to note that there was no dropout, with all the 36 being present.

Let us introduce the message of encouragement that the company's No.1 transmitted to each speaker after the presentations.

Thank you for your presentation. I know how hard it is to express yourself in English in front of directors and colleagues. Because of varied levels of English proficiency, it was not easy for me, frankly, to fully understand all the speeches, but I enjoyed a lot. The subjects you have chosen are interesting, and some guys even spoke out their request to me (I doubt they can do it in Japanese) ! I had quite a meaningful time.

Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation is a company that is focusing on international business. As long as you are working here, you are required to acquire, improve or brush up your English skills. Try your best, even little by little !

I do my best, too ! [2010/03/15]

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