News 120 : Freshmen Made a Fresh Start

Like last year, Kyokuyo's fresh technicians got their assignent on August 1. They are 4 this year, and all male.

Just like last year, they came back at the end of June from Oita Regional Shipbuilding Craftsmanship Center where they stayed for 3 months, after joining Kyokuyo in April. "All of your boys were excellent this year," told the center's director to our delight.

At the beginning of July, we organized a big welcome party to which participated no less than 40 senior technicians. The freshmen then spent whole one month at 4 different sections in the company's construction division for OJT.

And voilà, they finished 4 month "trainee" period and received a letter of assignment. Fabrication, assembling, finishing and lathe teams have received 1 freshman each in 2010. We renewed our resolve to carefully train them so that they can further develop our acknowledged technical abilities.

And, again like last year, we introduce their short comments :

I'll work hard so that I will be assigned important jobs soonest possible ! [Koki, fabrication] I'm happy to be here. I was told that job is very hard in assembling team, but I'll try my best. [Shunsuke, assembling]

I'm very happy to be in this team. I want to ambitiously learn a lot of thing ! [Ryuichi, finishing] I'm so excited to be able to learn lathe skills. I'll try hard to master them, under guidance of elders and betters. [Shogo (lathe)]

Carry on, young guys ! [2010/08/11]

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