News 121 : A Fresh Gas Carrier in a Hot Summer

On August 26, 2010, we delivered a 7,200m2 type LPG Carrier code-named S496. She is the first liquefied gas carrier we have built since 2002.

The ceremony for naming and delivery of S496 was attended by 20 guests to celebrate her birth. It was a "hot" ceremony literally and figuratively, as Japan was hit by an exceptional heat wave this summer. Jacket and tie made the gentlemen sweat even more.

The ship was named "Siva Coral" by the shipowner Mr. Junichiro Toda, and she was smoothly delivered. Everyone enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the subsequent party held at a nearby hotel. We wish safe and prosperous future for the newly-born ship.

"Siva Coral" is going to have 2 younger sister vessels and the elder is expected to be completed this month. While focusing our efforts on making the next ship best, we, on behalf of our staff and management, would like to thank Toda Ship group for giving us an opportunity to come back to gas carrier sector. [2010/09/13]

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