LPG Carrier SIVA PEARL - Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation
LPG Carrier SIVA PEARL - Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation

News 123 : Second Gemstone Was Born !

On September 29, 2010 was born another 7,200m3 LPG Carrier. The weather was still hot but breezy and reasonably comfortable, compared to this summer's violent heat from which we still suffered one month ago, when we delivered her sister "SIVA CORAL".

For the ceremonies of the second new building ship, 20 guests including 6 from the orderer, Toda Ship Group, were reunited with Kyokuyo's directors and staffs. Obviously, everyone looked in friendly mood from the start.

The vessel, formerly called "S-497", was officially named as "SIVA PEARL" by Mr. Junichiro Toda, president of Toda Ship and delivered from the shipyard to the owner. The ceremonies were followed by a friendly luncheon, of course !

SIVA PEARL left Kyokuyo's berth at 16:00 on the same day for her first voyage. Whilst we wish Pearl's safe navigation and bright future, we do promise to dedicate our efforts for the third and last sister, which is expected to be completed in 2011. [2010/10/18]

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