SSS-bowed PCC m.v. "City of St. Petersburg" - Kyokuyo Shipyard
SSS-bowed PCC m.v. "City of St. Petersburg" - Kyokuyo Shipyard

News 128 : Conceived Here, Delivered Now

At the end of 2010, on December 22, we had a very busy and exciting day. It was the day of naming and delivery of S-493, Kyokuyo's "Semi-Spherical Shaped bow"ed eco-ship.

You probably know something about her already, as we repeatedly featured this ship on our website, in news 112 (development) and 122 (launching). The 2,000-unit pure car carrier has a sleek hemispherical fore part and aerodynamically refined upper body which will significantly reduce wind pressure. She will transport Nissan vehicles in the North Sea area where the wind is known to be very strong.

We had been worried about the bad weather, as the storm hit our city on the previous day and night, but it was needless. In the morning, on 22nd, the sky was clear and the air was warm and windless. We felt like receiving a certain blessing !

Reflecting high expectations for the energy-efficient ship, no less than 50 guests - from the shipowner Mizuho Sangyo Co., Ltd., the head-charterer Nissan Motor Car Carrier, Co., Ltd., the contractor Mitsui and Co., the bankers, etc. - gathered to witness the birth of this unique PCC. The most notable guests were Mr. and Mrs. Hidetoshi Imazu, Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd..

Under the glare of media cameras (including TV ones), Mr. Imazu named the ship "City of St. Petersburg" and Mrs. Imazu cut the tethering rope - and voilà ! The world's first SSS-bowed vessel was born in the sun.

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On that day, our premise was crowded. Very crowded actually, because on top of the official guests and press, we had received some 250 small guests from 2 elementary schools in our vicinity, as part of the project of CAJS (The Cooperative Association of Japan Shipbuilders) to invite children to shipyard ceremonies. "Oh It's really biiiiiiiiiiig !" "Looks like Shinkansen 0-series train !" The primary schoolers seemed so excited to see the new ship's unique hull shape and experience the dimensions of an ocean-going vessel !

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And we even had another special guest : LEAF, Nissan's brand-new all-electric car that was just launched in Japan on the same day. With a help from the dealer, Yamaguchi Nissan Motor, Co., Ltd. We displayed an eco-car in an eco-ship to give yet another surprise to every attendee.

As other cases, lunch reception was held at a banquet room looking out over Kanmon Channel. When we and the guests through the window saw City of St. Petersburg elegantly appear on the scene, we gave a loud cheer for the ship which had just begun her journey.

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December 22, 2010 turned out a little special day for us. We could feel proud to produce an original vessel and have a sense of awesome accomplishment. We would like once again to thank all those who took part in the project for giving us this great day. We will do our very best the sister ship that is scheduled in March this year. [2011/01/12]

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