Kyokuyo Shipyard - Design Team
Kyokuyo Shipyard - Design Team
news130 :Introducing Kyokuyo's Design Team <1>

sekkei - stands for "design"Hello everybody ! My name is Mami and I am going to introduce every member of Kyokuyo's design team. Since it's a big division consisting of 7 departments, it's going to be a series ! Today I begin with 2 departments.

Hiro gives me a clinical advice every time I'm in a panic. He is a reliable ship designer and trusted computer fixer.
Aged 61, Toshi is a veteran engineer and an athlete. Nobody can compete with his rigor and vigor !

Person of sunshiny but firm character. Do you want date her ? Sorry, you're too late because Chika has just married !
Shintaro is a rookie who joined Kyokuyo only last year. So industrious that he fell into the sea during measurement... He has a big stomach and eat anything supplied.

Koji is dependable, kind and gentle, but often speaks very loud ... to himself ! He claims it is the proof that shows how he is concentrated in his work...
Kei started to work only 3 years ago, but his reaction is very quick - it's something I should learn. Kei looks cold in appearance, but performs funny party stunts when requested !

When I (Mami) joined the team, I used to walk like robocop as the quietness of the office made me very nervous ! Now I can feel at home and enjoy my job although sometimes I got in panic. I am very proud of seeing a new design of ship be born because it is created by my co-workers sitting around me !

Although we may look a little bit closed, staring computer displays till all hours in a separate building, we welcome visitors. Please come over to our (quiet) office when you visit Kyokuyo next time ! [2011/02/11]

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