Kyokuyo Shipyard - Design Team
Kyokuyo Shipyard - Design Team
news131 :Introducing Kyokuyo's Design Team <2>

mamiHello again, this is Mami. I am introducing every staff in Kyokuyo's design division - so, this article is continued from the previous issue.

The division comprises 7 departments. Once the principle particulars are determined by fundamental design team, details are drawn by other teams. Don't think that everyone is looking at a computer monitor all the time, though ! In fact, we are always busy in and out of office as we have really a lot to do : discussion with ship owners or suppliers, in-house meeting, domestic and overseas business trip, attending at tests and surveys, participating in training programs and research workshops, visiting trade shows, etc. etc... To my eyes, my colleagues are all supermen ! In this issue, I have 10 supermen to introduce you.

kazuOften very strict but always kind at heart, Kazu is a person of insight and a good joker who likes to make everyone happy. yukiYuki looks shy and nervous, but I believe those are his good points ! I like his very polite way of talking over phone, too. He will be rich as he spends very little money in daily life.

nobuAlcohol turns easygoing Nobu to Kyokuyo's funniest entertainer. Once determined, he could run the whole distance in Shimonoseki Marathon 2010. yosukeA meticulous type and his desk is always clean and clutter-free. Yosuke is a dog lover and takes his dog for a walk every morning before coming to the office.

keijiKeiji works soooo hard ! I get worried that he will be sick one day although he says he commutes on foot for his health. I like his hearty "thank you." shin-yaA newcomer who was transferred from manufacturing division in this February. In the morning meeting, Shin-ya speaks loudly enough to wake up those who still dream.

ryuStern on duty but friendly otherwise. I heard that the fried noodle Ryu cooks is so delicious ! I hope I will have an opportunity to taste it soon ! hitoLeader of younger generation, good motivator and excellent live performer in karaoke bar. I have much to learn from Hito's serious attitude toward the clients.

satoDespite his appearance, Sato is good with details and excellent in binding drawings. He may become careless though, after a few round of drinks. yuminAnother great entertainer who know how to warm up a party. Yumin has just married and a baby is coming very soon. I am sure he will build a happy family !

To be continued to part 3. I hope the next article is the last one ! [2011/02/28]

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