Kyokuyo Shipyard - Design Team
Kyokuyo Shipyard - Design Team

I would like to express my deepest sympathy for the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck North Japan on March 11. I also sincerely wish the affected people a speedy recovery from this disaster.

For your information, located in the westernmost end of Japan's Honshu Island, Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation has not suffered any damage. We are operating normally.

Katsuhiko Ochi
President, Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation

news136 :Introducing Kyokuyo's Design Team <3>

mamiHello, everybody, it's Mami ! Do you still remember me ? In News 130 and 131, I introduced my co-workers in Kyokuyo's Design Division to you. Here goes the last part that I wrote with help from Mayumi.

kazuAlways cheerful even at the busiest times, Mayumi is a good adviser to me. She may look fragile but she is an outdoors-woman who likes motorbike riding. In our shipyard you will see her come and go on a scooter, with finished drawings. [Mami] kazuMitsu specializes in electricity and his design reflects his experiences in manufacturing division. He is an active type, doing everything very quickly - when he find something broken, he fix it on the spot. [Mami]

kazuKazu, young pupil of Mitsu, has a different character than his master. He is quiet, gentle, careful and somewhat tenacious (since he joined Kyokuyo 3 years ago, he has never used his car to commute!). This way, he is steadily absorbing his master's knowledge. [Mami] kazuAlways very serious and responsible person. When Koji is at desk, he looks as if teaching with him back. His house in suburb is surrounded by greenery, and he is busy in field work during weekend. [Mayumi]

kazuAkira rarely makes a mistake in his work, and describes himself as "No.1 perfectionist in the department." He often tells jokes to make us laugh. A single digit handicap golfer, Akira should be perfectionist on the green, too ! [Mayumi] kazuEntered Kyokuyo 6 years ago, Hiromasa is a leading player in our team. He has a mild character and serves as good linker between generations. When he feels pressured, he relieves his stress by playing volleyball, or by gambling (mainly horse race!). [Mayumi]

kazuNoboru, the most senior member of the team, has witnessed the trends in the industry. His cute way of asking something always makes us smile. He is a big sport watcher, and can reply anything about sport, when I ask. [Mayumi] kazuSho was transferred to the current division 2.5 years ago. He is gentle but an "Akihabara style" otaku. Once he starts talking about "Mobile Suit Gundam" nobody can't stop him. I suspect he knows more than Gundam pilots ! [Mayumi]

kazuSince coming to join us this year, Natsuha has brought a happy atmosphere with her. She is very attentive and helps me a lot. She is also a fashion-sensitive person and gives me useful advices in that field, too. [Mayumi]

Recently, we received many fresh persons to our division and they lowered the average age. We are trying to help younger generations to inherit skills and knowledge, while, at the same time, bringing in new technology, like fully 3D-nized design. We will continue our best efforts as a team to offer good designs in various ship types. See you ! [2011/06/09]

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