Kyokuyo Shipyard - Kyokuyo Open Golf Game
Kyokuyo Shipyard - Kyokuyo Open Golf Game

I would like to express my deepest sympathy for the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck North Japan on March 11. I also sincerely wish the affected people a speedy recovery from this disaster.

For your information, located in the westernmost end of Japan's Honshu Island, Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation has not suffered any damage. We are operating normally.

Katsuhiko Ochi
President, Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation

News 141: 51st Kyokuyo Open Golf GameHello, golf lovers ! Yes, it's the season of "Kyokuyo Open", the most prestigious golf event in Japan's shipping industries, if you believe its organizer. Like last year, the event was held at the famous Shimonoseki Golf Club, on October 7.

51st Kyokuyo Open - Kyokuyo Shipyard

This year, we thankfully invited 115 guests, mainly from our suppliers, but comprising also sub-contractors and our other stake holders. It was a clear and windless day, leaving no excuse for the brave players who challenged very difficult courses even without having lunch break...

And the result. Yes. The 2011 winner is (fanfare) Mr. Shinichi Yamamoto, from JFE Shoji Trade Corporation. Mr. Yamamoto was mighty pleased, "just to be able to beat Mr. Ochi - Kyokuyo's president - on both gross and net basis" and the champion wanted "to transmit this joy (of beating our president, fyi) down to posterity, if possible", as he said in his winner's speech. I don't know what had happened between the 2 gentlemen ! really !

The best gross prize went again to Mr. Yorimoto, winner of the same prize last year. He showed his formidable strength once again. Euh, everybody knows employees of major constructing companies play golf very well !

The awarding party was ended (as usual) with the speech of Mr. Ochi. After having expressed his appreciation on behalf of the company to all the stake holders, the president reported some good news - City of St. Petersburg's ship of the year award, new order that was received recently and plan of main office building reconstruction. Mr. Ochi didn't forget however to mention the company's determination to strongly navigate through the current rough sea, executing the "survival" action plan.

The 52nd Kyokuyo Open will be held at the same Shimonoseki Golf Club on the 10th of October, 2012. [2011/10/24]

51st Kyokuyo Open - Kyokuyo Shipyard 51st Kyokuyo Open - Kyokuyo Shipyard 51st Kyokuyo Open - Kyokuyo Shipyard

S468 Naming and Delivery Ceremony at the reception - Kagamiwari at the reception

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