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Kyokuyo Shipyard
News 145 : Not Before, Not After - 2012 Coming-of-Age Day Celebration

As you may remember, Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation celebrates its employees who have just reached the age of 20, on the occasion of "Seijin-no-Hi", Japanese coming-of-age day. Since the national holiday falls on January 9, we held a small gift-presenting ceremony on January 5 this year.

Kyokuyo Shipyard

For 2012, there were 3 "Shin Seijin" or new adults, but unfortunately 1 of them could not attend (loss of 33%)! What is worse, we didn't have an adequate room for such an official event, with our main building being just demolished to make place for the new one, due for completion this summer !

It isn't a bad thing though, in my opinion, because we know this way the ceremony can become more unforgettable. Only this year, the eligibles were celebrated for their coming-of-age in a meeting room within pre-fab makeshift - which couldn't be possible in earlier or later years - only this year.

After the short ceremony the company president Mr. Ochi, other board members and General Manager of Production Division gave them warm words of encouragement one by one, one after another. We know all the 3 young adults work very hard and are making steady progress. I, as webmaster, in my turn, would like to wish them every success and happiness in the future !


[photo at top] girls in Furisode : colorful kimono for unmarried women with very long sleeves. It is common for young women who just turned 20 to wear it for coming-of-age day.

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