Kyokuyo Shipyard - Norihiko Harada
Kyokuyo Shipyard - Norihiko Harada
News 148 : From Osaka To Shimonoseki

Let us introduce Norihiko Harada, our new Corporate Officer and General Manager of Material Purchasing Division. Norihiko joined Kyokuyo last November from a trading company, where he was in charge of sales of steel products to shipbuilders (!).

Kyokuyo Shipyard

While feeling very happy for his 'manly' decision to jump into our industry that currently suffers from the shipping depression and the yen's appreciation, we expect his extensive personal network coupled with his rich experience in the field can improve our procurement efficiency in a new way.

Norihiko is good at sports, holding a ski instructor license. His vigorous way of doing things by speaking loudly with genuine Osaka accent, which is rarely heard in Shimonoseki, is already popular among young colleagues.

Shusaku Yamada, ex-General Manager of Material Purchasing Division, now concentrates on his duties as the company's Director and Head of Corporate Strategy Office. Shusaku always has Material Purchasing Division in charge.

Here is a message from Norihiko :

Kyokuyo Shipyard - Norihiko HaradaMaido ! (note : familiar greetings used in Osaka region)

Nice to see you, I am Norihiko Harada. I was born and raised in a merchant family in the central Osaka. I kind of belong to an endangered species, that speak genuine Osaka dialect.

Throughout my career of 26 years in my last company, I have been selling steel products and finished goods to shipbuilding companies. I also participated in the starting up of a metal processing factory in Onomichi, which I believe has contributed a little to the Japanese shipbuilding industry.

Shimonoseki was the destination of my first business trip 26 years ago. Since then, I visited the city nearly 100 times but I have never thought I would settle down here !

I am now ready to run at full throttle so that Shimonoseki will become my real hometown. I am looking forward to doing a business with you very soon !


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